The High Sierra Trail (2018)

This ambitious documentary about the High Sierra Trail follows me as I drive my friend John to insanity on the trail.   Together we experience awesomeness, as well as challenging situations including a major storm, and the summit of the highest peak in the continental US.   It will feature interviews with an NPS park ranger, and the NPS Chief Naturalist who will dive into the history of the trail.   This film will premiere at the Starbright Theater in Campbell, CA on May 5th, 2018.   It will eventually be made available on my youtube channel.


Rae Lakes
Rae Lakes (2017)

In July of 2017, my wife and I hiked in through Kearsarge pass to Rae Lakes in Kings Canyon National Park.   The high snow year created some challenging conditions that may have terrified my wife.


Alcove (2017)

I was surprised to be invited by Ryan Jordan, founder of to do a trip in the remote canyons of Colorado.  I had just purchased a real camera, and this was my first time making something I’d call a “film”.   It was also my first time experiencing the desert, and I was quite impressed.  


Snowshoeing Yosemite Point
Snowshoeing Yosemite Point (According to Chris) (2017)

In Jan 2017, there was a flood and snowstorm in Yosemite Valley that left it nearly void of people.  

I took the opportunity to snowshoe up to Yosemite point.  I took some footage along the way and this was the result.


The John Muir Trail
The John Muir Trail (According To Chris) (2016)

Hiking the JMT was a big deal to me, so I wanted to commemorate it somehow.  This was my first real experience editing.